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Trekking along the Wakhan Corridor

Just came back from a trek along the Wakhan Corridor. It was a fairly simple trek compared to LAS summer trek standards, however the management of the trek was tricky due multiple reasons. Below is a not-so-brief description of the trek: Getting there: Getting to the starting point (Kishmanja) was a long journey. We started […]

Biafo Hispar, Snow Lake Trek 2011 – Itinerary and Pictures

I’m sharing the details of the trek, as well as a link to the facebook album. Do have a look, its got a detailed story and should be accessible! and of course any questions are welcome! Day 1: Askole to Daniyal Camp 6-7 Hours Askole to Kaiser Shogran was and easy 2 hours KS to […]

Self Organized Trekking in Baltistan

Guide on self-organizing a trek in Baltistan, Pakistan.

Shadow of the Giants by Rizwan Bajwa

Essay on the trip to Deosai Plateau near Skardu

Deosai Ramblings by Hasan Karrar

For seasoned Karakoram trekkers, we sure put on a dismal show on the morning of July first at the Daewoo bus station in Lahore. Still groggy from a late night at Yasser Hashmi’s, 8 o’clock in the morning found the dozen of us chasing packets of two-minute noodles as they floated in a Zen like […]