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Deosai Ramblings by Hasan Karrar

For seasoned Karakoram trekkers, we sure put on a dismal show on the morning of July first at the Daewoo bus station in Lahore. Still groggy from a late night at Yasser Hashmi’s, 8 o’clock in the morning found the dozen of us chasing packets of two-minute noodles as they floated in a Zen like […]

Ali Akrams Log from 2002 trek up to the base of Skam-La

Ali’s Journal from the trek up to the base camp of Skam-la. the team turned back but made an important recon mission which was useful for the 2003 trek that did cross Skam-La. Notable trek for its last day of 19 hours and running out of food sometime before that.

Been There, Done That.

Essay on Rizwan’s experience of the 2000 trek over the Biafo and Hispar Glaciers which was to be his introduction to the outdoors

The Raven: Flight Across Snowlake (2000)

A three part essay on the 2000 trek to Snowlake traversing the Biafo and Hispar Glaciers. Minimalist party which completed the route in 24 days at a total cost of US$ 100 per person.

Running down a Dream by Yasir Khokhar

Travelog from the 2001 trek through Shimshal to Minglik Sar and back to Chapchingol Pass. A legendary trek completed in 11 days.