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Camping at Deosai

In the summer of 2013 I was lucky enough to land an internship in Skardu, of all places. Skardu, the hub of the picturesque Baltistan region of Pakistan, is a small town nestled amongst towering peaks. During the two months I spent in SkarduĀ I got the chance to visit many a tourist attraction in and […]

Skardu, Baltistan

How we get the most out of our stay Once could spend one’s entire life travelling in the Hunza , taking in the idyllic splendor, and thinking that as far as mountain grandeur was concerned, this must be it. But a visit to Baltistan proves otherwise If you’re a trekker or a mountaineer, than Baltistan […]

Self Organized Trekking in Baltistan

Guide on self-organizing a trek in Baltistan, Pakistan.