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Situation Update of the Attabad (Hunza) Lanslide and Lake

Five months ago, on January 4th, 2010 in the remote Hunza River Valley of northern Pakistan, a massive landslide buried the village of Attabad, destroying 26 homes, killing 20 people, and damming up the Hunza River. As the newly-formed lake grew, authorities rushed to evacuate and supply those affected in the landslide area and upstream. The lake is now over 300 feet deep and 16km (10 mi) long, submerging miles of highway, farms and homes. Earlier this week, the lake reached the top of the natural dam, and began to spill out – rapid erosion of the landslide debris has authorities worried about a potential breach, and locals have been evacuated as officials monitor the developing situation. Special thanks to the Pamir Times for sharing their photos and coverage of this event.

Running down a Dream by Yasir Khokhar

Travelog from the 2001 trek through Shimshal to Minglik Sar and back to Chapchingol Pass. A legendary trek completed in 11 days.

Rocking the Poshi by Yasir Khokhar

Trek to Rakaposhi base camp in 1999 by Yasir Khokhar

The Hills are Alive…

Ameel Zia khan on the trek to Rakaposhi base camp

Trek on a Dry Track by Hasan Karrar

Hasan Karrar and Atif Piracha run out of water on the Hoppar Glacier