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Panmah and Skam-La

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Skam La (2003)

This account is dedicated to the seven friends with whom I had the honour of crossing Skam La: Rizwan Bajwa Hasan Karrar Yasir Khokhar Raza Kazmi Hammad Qazi Hassan Zubair Ali Imran *** The following is still in progress and incomplete. I’ve typed out my journal entries for the most part unedited and what I […]

Ali Akrams Log from 2002 trek up to the base of Skam-La

Ali’s Journal from the trek up to the base camp of Skam-la. the team turned back but made an important recon mission which was useful for the 2003 trek that did cross Skam-La. Notable trek for its last day of 19 hours and running out of food sometime before that.

5 minute video of the Skam-La Trek

Video from the successful 2003 crossing of Skam-La by an un-assisted, all-Pakistani team. As far as we know, this is the first all-pakistani crossing of the pass and by all means, the first un-assited party to cross without porters or guides. You tube seems to have blocked the audio so will re-post soon.