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Rajab Shah: Pakistan’s Forgotten Mountaineer

A great piece in Dawn.com today on Rajab Shah. A man i once had the honor to meet in Shimshal 15 years ago. http://www.dawn.com/news/1262638/the-last-ascent-of-rajab-shah-pakistans-forgotten-mountaineer    


  • I keep coming across sites of climbers, organizations and sometimes just plain beautiful images of the karakorams. This post will keep track of some of the more notable sites and photos that I find. Keep checking back for updates. (more…) #
  • Would really like to get some solid information from any geologists who are studying the effect of global warming on the karakoram region, especially the Biafo and Batura glaciers. Last year, while crossing Lukpe-La, Hasan and the rest of the team pointed out that there was no 'snow' on snowlake, only ice. #

Welcome to Trekking and Mountaineering in Pakistan

Welcome to Karakorams.com. Ours is a non-profit/largely non-partisan website on trekking in Pakistan. All the information you will find here is based on our personal experience of trekking in the region.  Continue Reading..